Team Building & Corporate Retreats

A key success criterion for leaders today is the ability to achieve peak performance through the efforts of a diverse group. Yet the challenges associated with different styles, expectations, values and abilities often create a barrier to achieving maximum potential. With the drive for greater productivity a daily task, leaders must strive to harness the synergy of their teams as an ongoing operational initiative.


At WorkChoice Solutions, our Team Building programs are designed to address group development needs with a focus on individual accountability and productivity. They empower individuals to see the opportunity in harnessing the collective talent, perspective and potential of an integrated group effort. All of our programs include extensive follow-up support and a wide range of delivery options. From themed events and adventure outings to more traditional facilitation scenarios, our team will partner with you to ensure that your Team Building program is aligned with your culture and strategic direction.

Team Building Workshops:


Building The Bridge (4-6 hrs) - Designed to create a more collaborative environment that fosters mutual respect and teamwork. Key Modules include: Understanding Different Styles, The Magic Of Conflict, Workplace Communication Effectiveness, Defining Expectations & Actions and Team Rules To Live By.


Harnessing Team Synergy (6-8 hrs) - Designed to assist teams with discovering the power and potential of a collaborative effort. Key Modules include: Exploring Shared Values, Workplace Communication Effectiveness, Discovering Team Strengths, Exploring The Value Of Teamwork and Creating A Vision Of Teamwork.


Creating Our Future (8-12 hrs) - Designed to help teams build a road map for success. Key modules include: Examining Work/Life Values, Understanding The Forces Of Change, Team History & Evolution, Exploring Behaviors & Choice, Building A Vision Of The Future and Moving Forward Together.


Team Development Programs: (3, 6 or 12-month)


Designed to ensure sustained value and impact, our 3, 6 and 12-month Team Development programs utilize a three phase approach that is customized to the unique set of issues that hinder peak performance in your organization.


Phase 1: Assessment

A comprehensive needs assessment is completed by the senior leadership team or group management personnel and feedback is provided to create a meaningful framework for program design. With outcomes and metrics clearly defined, a preliminary design is evaluated by the client and a range of options are presented.


Phase 2: Development

With consensus established around program content, the client plays an active role in evaluating the development phase including process flow, group exercises, key learning points, team action plans and follow-up activities.


Phase 3: Follow-Up

Upon completion of the program, a detailed summary report with recommendations is presented to the management team. A follow-up meeting is scheduled within one week to review obstacles and solutions as well as new action plans. Subsequent follow-up calls are scheduled at 30, 60 and 90 days to review progress and make additional recommendations for increased productivity.