The Leadership Effectiveness Series

Achieving Peak Performance Through People

A key success factor for leaders today is the ability to achieve peak performance through the efforts of many people. The challenges associated with different styles, expectations and abilities often create a barrier to achieving maximum impact. With the range and pace of change accelerating and the drive for greater productivity a daily task, successful leaders at all levels must employ a variety of techniques for harnessing the collective talent and capacity of their teams. Helping employees maximize their impact is not just good leadership, its good business too. In this comprehensive, hands-on series of workshops participants explore a wide range of “best practice” tools for achieving peak performance through people. From employee coaching and development to creating more resilient teams, this series will build on your leadership strengths while providing new insights into your role as a leader.

Core Modules:


  • The Evolution Of Leadership
  • Leading Through Change
  • Understanding Different Styles -- DISC
  • The Leader As A Coach
  • Building Employee Engagement
  • Developing EI In Leaders
  • Delegating As a Leadership Strategy
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Appreciating Generational Differences
  • Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
  • Building a Culture of Accountability
  • The Power of Leadership Vision
  • The Art of Participatory Decision Making
  • Creating High Impact Meetings
  • Harnessing the Power of Positive Thinking
  • The Art of Generational Selling



Delivery Options:


The average length of each module is 3 hours which includes a wide range of pre-work options and group exercises designed to enhance the learning value of the program. Full day programs (8 hours) can encompass as many as three customized modules which offer additional pre-work options to assist in completing the program in a single day.


Learning Outcomes:


As a result of participating in The Leadership Effectiveness Series, participants will:


  • More fully grasp the range and scope of  "best practice" leadership principles
  • Learn new skills to increase their influence and impact as leaders
  • Create more effective and productive peer and team relationships
  • Develop new strategies for achieving a higher level of team productivity
  • Expand their ability to resolve conflict and build consensus
  • Learn new techniques for optimizing employee engagement
  • Establish a deeper understanding of the opportunity associated with true leadership 
  • Build a road map for further development


Key Features & Benefits:


  • Hands-on and highly interactive delivery format
  • Customized to support and reinforce the senior leader's vision of leadership
  • Proven process, learning methodology and support resources that produce lasting results
  • Innovative program linkage process (Links to Learning) that enhances long term skill application
  • Full project management capability from design through evaluation
  • Post workshop debrief with key leadership roadmap featuring 30, 60 and 90-day action plans 
  • Delivered by nationally recognized author, trainer and business leader with 30 years of experience



Detailed descriptions of all modules are available upon request