The Executive Conversation Series

Maximizing Time, Optimizing Learning

Today more than ever before, executives are called upon to be the role models for learning and leadership excellence. The Executive Conversation Series goes beyond traditional leadership skill development to include a structured conversation format that serves to harness group intellectual capacity. Emphasis is placed on executive influence as well as current barriers to achieving maximum impact. This highly customized and interactive series balances theory and practice and offers proven tools for immediate skills transfer. It also acknowledges that most executives today do not have the luxury of attending a one or two day training program.  In support of this reality, the program is delivered in 60 to 90 minute segments with a combination of individual and group activities all designed to enhance the executive’s influence and impact.

Core Conversation Starters:


  • Self-awareness and Influence
  • Deliberate Leadership
  • Vulnerability as a Leadership Strength
  • Leadership Heroes
  • The 3 Dimensions of Leadership
  • Leadership Legacy
  • The Gratitude Factor
  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • The Soul of Leadership
  • The Power of Leadership Vision
  • The Kindness Connection
  • Leadership Engagement as Job One
  • Self-regulation and Influence
  • The Power of Leadership Trust



Delivery Options:


The average length of each conversation is 60 to 90-minutes which includes a wide range of pre-work options and group activities designed to enhance the learning value of the conversation. In addition to the Core Conversation Starters listed, the series can include a wide range of “executive-team specific” topics that require a deeper level of group exploration, dialogue and clarity.


Learning Outcomes:


As a result of participating in The Executive Conversation Series, participants will:


  • Learn new skills to increase their influence and impact as executive leaders
  • Create more effective and productive peer and team relationships
  • Develop new strategies for achieving a higher level of organizational productivity
  • Establish a deeper understanding of the opportunity associated with true leadership 
  • Build a road map for further development
  • More fully grasp the range and scope of  "best practice" leadership principles


Key Features & Benefits:


  • Hands-on and highly interactive delivery format
  • Customized to support and reinforce the senior leader’s vision of leadership
  • Proven process, learning methodology and support resources that produce lasting results
  • Innovative program linkage process that enhances long term skill application
  • Delivered by nationally recognized Author and business executive with 30 years of experience
  • Hands-on and highly interactive delivery format

Detailed descriptions of all modules are available upon request