Workplace Resilience Programs

The range and pace of change in today’s business environment is unparalleled. The old adage, “seize the day” has been replaced by “seize the moment”. Yet the opportunities associated with change and transformation are equally significant. How individuals view and respond to change has a tremendous impact on the advancement and realization of key business objectives.


Our Change and Stress Management programs are tailored to your specific issues and include programs for managers, key personnel and employees. The primary objective with every program is to empower individuals to re-ignite their passion, commitment and hope while creating more balance and control at work. We achieve this outcome by aligning the program content with your unique set of needs and by incorporating the right balance of theory, group learning and personal application. Additionally, our follow-up support and pre and post program metrics help to ensure sustained value and impact from your investment.

Management Programs:


Organizational Change and Stress have the potential to derail the objectives of even the best managers. The ability to lead employees through constant change and ambiguity is not just important to the organization, but also key to the manager's ability to grow and flourish professionally.


Leading Through Stress In The Workplace - A 3 to 4 hour program designed to provide managers with a framework for building on their leadership strengths while creating a more resilient team that embraces the demands of the "new organization." Key Modules include: Understanding The Forces of Stress, Leading Through Stress & Ambiguity, Discovering Your Stress Comfort Zone, Walking the Talk and Building the Bridge. 


Harnessing The Winds Of Change - A 6 to 8 hour program designed to assist leaders with discovering and communicating the opportunity associated with organizational change. Key Modules include, Understanding the Winds Of Change, Defining The New Rules Of The Game, Examining Behavioral Reactions, Accepting Your Role As A Navigator & Change Agent and Taking The First Step Toward Smooth Sailing.


Employee Programs:


How employees view change and stress has a tremendous impact on how they respond to the challenges of their work environment. In every change initiative lies the possibility of a silver lining. The ability to grasp this is often more about individual choice and less about the actual event. Helping employees discover the right choice goes a long way in helping them to create greater balance and control at work.


Managing Stress Factors In The Workplace - A 2 to 3 hour program designed to provide participants with the tools, perspective and support for creating more balance and control at work. Key Modules include: Understanding The Forces Of Stress, Managing The Impact Of Stress, Creating You Inc. and Moving Forward With Confidence


Surfing The Winds Of Change - A 4 to 6 hour program designed to provide a framework for successfully navigating organizational change. Key Modules include: Exploring the Forces of Change, Discovering Your Change Comfort Zone, Managing Your Career In Changing Times and Riding The Waves Of Change.


Organizational Transformation Programs:  (Employees & Managers)


With organizational change being one of the only real constants in today's workplace, successful organizations must develop effective strategies to support the ongoing "people" impact of this phenomenon. Building a culture of resilient, "change hearty" employees and leaders is paramount to achieving sustained financial success. Helping employees understand the link between business objectives and their role is also critical to improved bottom line performance. Our organizational transformation programs are designed to guide and support key operational initiatives that create ongoing change and stress in the workplace.


Mastering The Winds Of Change (3, 6 or 12 month) - A comprehensive and highly customized process designed to guide and support organizational transformation. Emphasis is on personal empowerment and the link between individual performance and business objectives. Key Components include: Leadership & Organizational Assessment, Mission & Vision Alignment, Communication Strategy, Navigator Task Force, Customized Change & Stress Workshops, Newsletter Articles, Organizational Success Road Map, Performance Metrics and Follow-up Support.