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Well known leadership consultant and motivational speaker, David A. O'Brien, is pleased to share his formula for leadership excellence in his popular book, The Navigator's Handbook, 101 Leadership Lessons for Work & Life.


To watch the trailer or hear the preface of the book, please click here.


To order the book, please click here.


Announcing The Release of
The Navigator's Compass

David O’Brien is pleased to announce the official release of his new book, The Navigator’s Compass, 101 Steps Toward Leadership Excellence. Based on a collection of his most popular leadership articles of the last 4 years, the book provides an actionable framework for helping leaders to expand their influence and impact. To order please click here.

IN THE NEWS:  The Lessons In Leading Change MBA text book which features David O’Brien’s case study, Leading Change From The Top Down has received high praise from an impressive roster of Academics and business Executives. Recognized as a “must read” for every student of leadership, the book covers the essential skills of being a high impact leader. To read more about what’s being said about the book, please click here.