A Sampling of Client Testimonials

“The executive team retreat you designed and developed was awesome and you were the perfect person to facilitate us through this leadership mindset paradigm.  You were easy to work with and guided our discussion efficiently. I am hearing from many of the leaders that the retreat was an opportunity to hold up a mirror. The retreat exceeded my expectations and we are all looking forward to part II in June.”

HR Director, The Loomis Communities

“Your presentation, Building a Culture of Accountability was powerfully insightful and inspiring, not one I will soon forget.  Thank you again for delivering such a terrific presentation that is definitely receiving a lot of very positive feedback from our members.”

Education Program Coordinator, ALA Los Angeles Chapter

“Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation last week at our Bureau retreat. It was PERFECT in every way!  Your presentation, Building a Culture of Accountability has started a positive conversation about accountability with my staff and I fully intend to keep that conversation going, and have already planned next steps on that front. Your words of wisdom have resonated loudly with me and others at DEEP, so know that your work is assisting many to continue the accountability journey and to be the best public servants and leaders we can be.”

Deputy Director, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

“Thank you so much for the excellent training.  So many managers came to me to say they really enjoyed the training.  Our CFO said he loved the interactive nature of it and how you drew people out and got everyone involved.  You made me look good for setting you up to work with us!  Thank you again.”

HR Director, CT Community Care

“I appreciate very much your contribution to our early culture change efforts. Your services were invaluable.”

Former Commissioner, State Department of Social Services

David O’Brien was a big hit at the annual meeting of our law firm in August 2018.  His topic, “Discovering Your Role in Creating a Fantastic Workplace” resonated with our staff and attorneys alike. His interactive session was engaging and thought-provoking. We have a keynote speaker each year and this year I received numerous comments that David was “the best speaker we’ve ever had” and “bring him back again.” I highly recommend David as a keynote speaker and believe most people would benefit from his dynamic presentations.  

Chief Operating Officer, Connecticut Law Firm

"We selected David O’Brien as our keynote speaker for our 2018 Annual Company Review offsite event.  David took the time beforehand to understand our company culture and philosophy and then determined the most applicable and relevant subject matter for our event. He did an outstanding job in his presentation "Discovering Your Role in Creating a Fantastic Workplace".  He was engaging, funny, and his material can apply both personally and professionally. He was a true professional from beginning to end and we highly recommend his services! 

General Manager - ckSmithSuperior

“During a critical phase of a new strategy and culture deployment, Dave O’Brien helped our team explore the link between accountability and execution.  He not only incorporated interactive learning but also specific take away actions for all team members.  Dave took the time to learn about our strategy and tailored his presentation to reinforce the behaviors that drive performance.  His presentation was highly engaging and stimulating and many team members commented that it was the best training they have ever attended.”

President, OKAY Industries

“David O’Brien designed and facilitated an enjoyable and insightful retreat for our senior leadership team that exceeded our expectations. The program included team bonding ideas through fostering genuine connections, meaningful discussions and processing. It was an energizing and professionally stimulating experience that will have lasting value. It is a pleasure to work with David and we look forward to collaborating with him again in the future."

CEO, Catholic Charities
Archdiocese of Hartford

“Dave O’Brien’s Deliberate Leadership in a Distracted World breakfast keynote at our recent Business Expo was engaging and very well received. If you want to inspire a crowd with some great leadership tips and stories, look no further then Dave O’Brien. He talks about Leadership in a way that everyone can relate to and understand regardless of whether you’re a CEO or a front line Supervisor. Dave leaves his audience upbeat and motivated to take action.”

Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

“David O’Brien delivered a power-house presentation during our recent “all-employee” offsite event. Our employees are still raving about it and have said that he is the best speaker we’ve ever had! He took the time to understand our company, our culture, our mission and incorporated all of that into his extremely motivating, educational, ENTERTAINING, and inspirational talk.  He has a way of connecting with people in a way that is genuine, comfortable, and engaging. We look forward to having Dave be a part of future trainings and events.”

Director of Operations
The Walker Group

“David O’Brien has a dynamic, interactive, collaborative style that immediately engages participants and puts them at ease.  David has the ability to read the needs of his audience and the flexibility to tailor his content to meet those needs.  His breadth of knowledge of leadership topics and team dynamics along with his maneuverability in the moment make him one of the key facilitators in our High Potential Leadership Program.”

Vice President & Global Head of Learning and Development,
AWAC Services Company a Member Company of Allied World

“David O'Brien's Discovering Your Role in Creating a Fantastic Workplace presentation at our recent Spring Conference is best described as: engaging, funny, dynamic, thought-provoking, life altering and interactive. Selecting David and attending the presentation was a very good choice. The presentation made me and others realize how much our attitude and behavior can influence others.  I highly recommend David as Staff from all levels within an organization would benefit from his presentation and expertise.”

Vice President, Massachusetts Banks Internal Auditors Association

“David O’Brien has been an integral part of our various Leadership Development initiatives for over 2 years. While his workshops are related to serious topics, he always finds unique ways to incorporate fun and engaging discussions among the participants. One thing I find most encouraging with David’s professional style is his genuine care and concern for all attendees. Additionally, all of our leaders have read his excellent book, The Navigators Compass, 101 Steps Toward Leadership Excellence which has assisted them with finding best practices to increase their leadership influence and impact. This book is a must have for leaders at all levels!”
HR Manager, CNC Software, Inc.

"David O’Brien delivered a thought provoking, creative, high energy, interactive presentation to our SHRMWC group. He was generous with his time and was extremely personable, introducing himself to everyone who attended. We were very pleased that David agreed to present for us and I would highly recommend him."

President, SHRM Western Connecticut Chapter

“David O’Brien from WorkChoice Solutions partnered with our leadership team in hosting a very impactful workshop “The Evolution of Leadership.”  It was the first time our leadership team had ever been together and Dave took the time to learn about our business and team so that he was able to customize an impactful program.  Dave’s upbeat style of presenting brought high-energy and a high level of engagement to the workshop. We were extremely impressed with the impact of the workshop and are looking forward to partnering with WorkChoice Solutions for future workshops.”

Human Resources Manager, Specialty Printing, LLC

“We hired David O’Brien to facilitate our All-Staff Retreat. Aside from being a fun and super nice guy, he is professional, detail oriented and extremely knowledgeable about people and business. Our staff was blown away by his enthusiasm, sense of humor and ability to inspire and motivate people to be the best that they can be. He shared life lessons that helped everyone to believe that you CAN choose your attitude, and that you and everyone around you will be better for it! I would highly recommend any organization, especially non-profits, to hire him. You’ll get more than your money’s worth." 
Director, Human Resources, New Haven Home Recovery, Inc. 

“Participants in our Kaman Leadership Development Program had an engaging learning experience with Dave O'Brien on "The Art of Participatory Decision Making." Dave led our high-potential leaders through a half-day training session which provided insights into key dimensions of effective decision making. Our group explored the critical link to organizational and leadership success and understood through teaming activities how group dynamics impact decision making. Dave is both a dynamic and enthusiastic facilitator and we highly recommend him to others who may be considering leadership skill development programs”.
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Kaman Corporation

"In our HR profession, we speak of the emerging new workplace that 'works for everyone'.  Dave O’Brien has been a pioneer thought leader for the past decade, preparing us for this revolution with his focus on human development, leadership and living/speaking your values at work. Dave brings his “whole self” to this work . . . body, mind and spirit . . . . and his vision helps us articulate these dimensions of ourselves while we are at work. I always feel better about our chances as human beings in a broken institution (work) to rise above, respect one another and really create great organizations after being in Dave’s presence.  He is truly a gifted speaker who has been lead to this work, shoulders it, and makes us all the better in the process.  Dave’s a not to miss keynote speaker!”

President, HRLA-SHRM Chapter

"David O’Brien has served us both in a coaching capacity and in creating and delivering a successful leadership development program.  In both capacities he has demonstrated a tremendous ability to develop trust with participants, be a person of knowledge and be able to listen and guide individuals to find meaningful solutions that can be applied to their work and everyday life.  He builds character but not just by his role modeling but by applying his knowledge to what the Company and the individual are looking to achieve.  We have been very pleased with David and with the results we have witnessed thus far."

EVP Human Resources, Farmington Bank

“What Dave O’Brien brings to an organization goes way beyond the fact he is knowledgeable and talented at delivering an engaging program.  Critical to the positive impact he creates is his ability to quickly earn trust and build rapport with all manner of people.  His authenticity reflects his courage to “show up” as himself and, in my mind, does several things:  It gives others permission to be their true selves (huge!); it disarms the Victims, Critics and Bystanders (necessary!); it shows respect for others through his automatic assumption that they will not take advantage of the vulnerability he entrusts them with (rare!) and it models strength (trusting yourself to handle rejection) and conviction.  Dave is truly a special person and I consider myself very blessed to have the opportunity to work with him and to call him my friend.”

HR Director, CT Municipality

“David O’Brien is a dynamo! He delivered two separate presentations, one for our Leadership and a separate one for our staff at New Horizons Village on “Accountability Mindset”. He was engaging and inspiring to our environment.  All of the staff walked away with valuable insight that we continue to grow with as a team by carrying forth his message from his ‘Links to Learning.'"

HR Manager, New Horizons Village

"In my previous Fortune 500 life, I worked with many trainers and facilitators.  From my perspective, David O’Brien stands out as one of the best. He's organized, he listens, he responds and he delivers. It came as no surprise when reviewing post-meeting evaluations that all seven board members gave him high marks.  Certainly our board of directors will realize many long-term benefits from our time with David O’Brien"

Board Treasurer, My City Kitchen, Inc.

“Dave O’Brien’s logical, practical and insightful approach to Leadership was extremely helpful with our recent “The Leader as a Coach Workshop”.  By using effective role playing techniques and real life examples, he was able to help our emerging and seasoned group Leaders and Team Leaders better understand how to effectively coach different types of employees. His passion and lighthearted approach helped to keep our team truly engaged in the training throughout. He will be an important partner through our Organizational Transformation efforts. I would HIGHLY recommend Dave to assist any organization with their Leadership Development efforts. He is always willing to take a personal approach and not just deliver a canned presentation.”


Regional Human Resources Manager, Avery Dennison Corporation


“Dave O’Brien’s presentation at our annual HealthCare User Group conference was an absolute hit!  We as an industry group often get caught up in the topical material specific to our particular needs.  It was a diversion away from what we typically provide, but based on the voluminous feedback, Dave provided fresh and exciting material for all of us to ponder and apply.  Having Dave join our conference was clearly one of the best decisions we’ve made for our group this year!” 

President, HealthCare User Group


"Work Choice Solutions provided us with leadership training customized to our needs. You could piece together a dozen 'canned' training sessions and still not come close to achieving the same result. Training was delivered with energy and sincerity which kept people engaged and motivated."


President, CemcoLift Company


"Of all the OD or Educational consultants that we have worked with at Saint Mary's you have done the most thorough research and completely understood our culture and our educational needs. This allowed you to design a program that was right on target and exceeded our expectations. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for designing a program which was very individualized."


VP, Human Resources - Saint Mary's Hospital


"Dave O'Brien has quickly become an excellent partner and leadership think tank resource for ConnectiCare. He heard what it was that we hoped to accomplish with our leadership team and he set out to customize a program "Expanding Our Leadership Capacity" that was a perfect fit for our culture. Feedback from the group was phenomenal and we are now holding a follow up program building upon the first. One of the things I like most is I can call upon him with a leadership idea and without asking, he begins his research and then comes back with ideas for a potentially new program that would fit our needs. I look forward to our continued partnership and learning from each other!"


Director of Talent Acquisition & Leadership Development - ConnectiCare, Inc.


"Dave O'Brien's Redefining Leadership presentation at our recent Leadership Summit was enthusiastic and inspiring. He provided applicable strategies to use in developing yourself as a leader that could really be put to use right away. He kept the presentation lighthearted and fun and engaged our group easily with his down-to-earth approach."


President, ALPFA - Hartford


"WorkChoice Solutions listened to what we hoped to accomplish and then designed a program that far exceeded our expectations.  This was a new experience for our company and many of our employees were not sure what to expect. Dave O'Brien inherently understood the culture of our company and tailored his approach so that everyone comfortably participated in the process of identifying our strengths and opportunities. Thanks to WorkChoice Solutions, we have a viable and proactive game plan for the coming year."

CEO, Millwood Industries, Inc.


"This was the best conference in my 22 years at ESPN. Your training of our Business Analysts showed in the final product. This event would not have been so successful without your participation, coaching and leadership."

Vice President, IT, ESPN


"WorkChoice Solutions proved to be a tremendous resource in our leadership development process and in helping us assess our needs for the future. Our strong belief in developing our people as a competitive advantage was a key reason for selecting WorkChoice Solutions. Their expertise with the DISC instrument helped us to better understand the leadership and communication styles of our senior management team while also providing valuable insight into potential hires at the officer level."

Senior Vice President, HR, Peoples Bank



"Thank you for listening to our needs and designing a program that meets those needs. The program was very well tied together and extremely useful. Everyone was very engaged."

Divisional President, The Hartford


"WorkChoice Solutions is an outstanding partner and resource to our organization as we strive for high performance. Their unique blend of business acumen, strategic thinking and insight into engaging all levels of employees have made them key contributors to our continuing success. They stand out for consistently receiving the highest ratings from management and employees on initiatives ranging from change management, individualized coaching, team building and values-based leadership training."

HR Director, Aetna, Inc.



"WorkChoice Solutions was our best choice for creating a meaningful and lasting cultural change within our group. Their ability to understand our issues and to create substantive and relevant solutions has created a formula for sustained impact and success. Unlike many firms, WorkChoice Solutions is genuinely invested in positive outcomes well beyond the sale or delivery of services."

Vice President, Human Resources & Development, U.S. Airways


"WorkChoice Solutions listened to our requirements and delivered results that were meaningful and sustainable.  The Performance Coaching program completely met the organization's needs for a higher level of productivity and the individual's concerns of performance and career movement.  Of particular note is the work done by Dave O'Brien with the individual to increase his self-awareness and commitment to action plans involving new behaviors and change in general.  I look forward to working with WorkChoice Solutions again in the future."

HR Director, Otis Elevator Company


"Thank you for the great work with us. You are terrific to work with and your insights, perspective, timeliness, flexibility and willingness to share made the leadership development program successful. Your personal dedication to the success of each session was very impressive. People felt that you were part of the team."

Divisional Vice President, Mass Mutual Financial Group


"We're glad we made a connection with WorkChoice Solutions. David O'Brien is a pleasure to work with. He does a remarkable job of soliciting feedback from his audience and tailoring his expertise to the unique needs of each individual. The leadership workshop he delivered to our members recently was impressive. Attendees not only received a rewarding experience, they walked away with practical information and tools that could be incorporated right away."

Director of Membership & Training, Connecticut Association of Nonprofits 



"Dave O'Brien took the time to listen to our needs and understand our culture. He tailored a presentation that was right on target! The subject matter was a B-12 shot for our leadership team. Attendees left energized and motivated.  We feel fortunate to have a new training partner in WorkChoice Solutions."

VP Administration, Community Solutions, Inc.



"Dave O'Brien hit the ball out of the park at our Tri-State Leadership Conference. His presentation moved the group to actively participate and learn. He was engaging, made some really good points and was very well prepared. Today people still make mention of his good work and how they have been able to apply his material."

State Director, Massachusetts Council of SHRM


"WorkChoice Solutions has clearly demonstrated how one-on-one coaching can reap big rewards. Complaints about a supervisor were changed into compliments once the supervisor understood how to communicate with and lead employees.  David O'Brien is a down to earth coach who can relate to all levels in the organization; his listening skills are superb and he is a master at developing improvement plans specific to the individual.  The initial successes were so dramatic that the Operations Director decided to have all members of the management team attend one-on-one coaching sessions.  WorkChoice Solutions is providing a lasting cultural change.  WorkChoice Solutions is whole heartedly recommended for all your coaching needs."

Human Resources Director, Delta Industries


“David O’Brien is one of those rare individuals who walks in the room and leaves everyone in it better off just for meeting him. His energy, intelligence and charisma are obvious, but his loyalty, dedication and real interest in your success are the real wins in knowing and working with him! David is a genuine in his approach, and shares his limitless positive energy and expertise in a way that propels you towards your goals. It has been a huge benefit and an honor for me to have had the chance to work with him. I have always admired David as he has a lasting impact on the very way in which I think"
Vice President HR, Square One

“David O’Brien is an engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining speaker. Our evening was filled with laughter, clever quotes, thought provoking questions and approaches to raise the bar with leadership. I can’t wait to read his book.”

President, Human Resources Association of Central Connecticut


“I have brought David O’Brien into two different companies I've worked for to provide leadership consulting programs. He is fun and easy to work with, provides a very management-friendly, down-to-earth program, and has always been very flexible. I've also used his book "The Navigator's Handbook - 101 Leadership Lessons for Work and Life" as a management book club read, with great results!”
HR Manager, MetLife

“David O’Brien is a strong speaker in the world of Corporate Leadership. His book, 'The Navigators Handbook' is a must read for managers in any type of organization. His seminars are engaging, insightful and he enters into every interaction with the belief that he can make managers and organizations better. It works....”
VP International Sales, Vermed Corporation


“David O’Brien's leadership strategies are effective for any industry. If you're looking for ideas to connect leadership and changes to your organization I recommend you have a conversation with David, pick up his book, or invite him to your next business event. You won't regret it!”
Program Manager, Regional Employment Board of Hampden County, Inc.


“David O’Brien always provides me with useful advice on workforce development. I have studied his great book; The Navigator’s Handbook and believe he is a brilliant man that has mastered an accessible way to communicate his ideas. He is also funny and entertaining. David is a great coach with both individuals and groups because he lives a life full of meaning and his ideas are aligned with the core of his soul. Anyone that associates with him will get a great return."
Health and Human Services Director, City of Hartford


"David O’Brien is an amazing and inspiring professional. He is always willing to listen and comes from a place of caring. David is one of the best motivational speakers I have ever heard. He will make an impact on you and your business if you give him the opportunity to do so. I highly recommend David!"

President, Human Resources Association of Western Massachusetts

"WorkChoice Solutions took the time to understand and evaluate the needs and issues of our organization. This was clearly demonstrated in the workshop conducted by Dave O'Brien. It was not only professional, but also interactive and extremely productive. We were very pleased and felt that working together with WorkChoice Solutions paved the way for the future goals of our Association. I feel they truly took the time and made the commitment to understand the uniqueness of our organization."

President, Connecticut Town Clerks Association



"WorkChoice Solutions helped our executive team understand that we're all in this together and that we have choices as leaders. Their program was just the right balance of leadership theory and practical application. We're now on the same bus, going in the same direction."

President, Credit Data Services -- Experian Corp.



"WorkChoice Solutions stands out in a field crowded with nebulous outcomes because they consistently produce real, meaningful and valuable results. As a small but growing organization, we can't afford NOT to maintain our investment in our employees through WorkChoice Solutions."

President & CEO, UTCA, Inc.



"WorkChoice Solutions design and delivery of a leadership development program for us was right on the money! Understanding managers' business challenges and addressing them in a fast paced and interactive workshop truly made our training a fun and productive experience for all. Thank you!"

Executive Director, SPACE, Inc.


"WorkChoice Solutions has partnered with us to design a 'Strategic Leadership Project' to be delivered to our leadership team over a period of 12 months. WorkChoice Solutions consulted with us regarding our specific needs and customized a comprehensive series of workshops and tools designed specifically for the needs of our leadership team. The response to the project has been extremely positive and the managers are motivated to learn more and to improve their leadership skills. Thanks to WorkChoice Solutions, we are well on our way to a much needed culture shift in our leadership team."

HR Director, Henry Lee Willis Community Center


"There aren't many firms like WorkChoice Solutions left.  They offer you specialization and customization by working hard with clients in the planning stages so that the issues and needs are crystal clear.  Their commitment to this process results in the delivery of programs and solutions that you really need and that make a positive difference."

Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor, City of Middletown, CT


"David O'Brien conducted a fantastic workshop during our recent Spring Training series.  He was able to tap into the needs and interests of the audience, comprised of entry-level and mid-managers from a wide variety of non-profit and private sector organizations and provide them with concrete and practical ways to be change leaders.  His enthusiastic, energetic and insightful presentation style makes him a top flight trainer we will engage again soon in our programs."

Vice President, Training & Development, Leadership Greater Hartford


"WorkChoice Solutions - David O'Brien - offered an excellent opportunity to bring the hopeful message of Embracing Our Role as Leaders to Early Childhood Educators and Administrators. It is evident that David made a great and successful effort to understand the challenges and expectations of the leaders in the child care industry as he prepared his message for our group. Participants were engaged in his presentation, felt motivated by his encouraging lecture, and want to learn more from him about developing and nurturing their leadership skills!  David's message is personable, affirming and inspiring!"

Director, Training & Development, Pre-School Enrichment Team, Inc.


“WorkChoice Solutions proved to be an excellent choice for work with our newly formed senior Leadership Team. As we began work on development of this team, it was important to first learn more about each other, about our organization and to align our goals and message communicated to staff.  WorkChoice Solutions created an effective way to have a relaxed conversation about these important issues, providing the right blend of theory, serious thought and humor”. 

Chief Administrator, Pioneer Valley Cardiology


"David O'Brien’s dynamic personality infused our undergraduate students with momentum and energized focus for their job searches.  His presentation of the "Top 10 Universal Job Search Truths" was informative, insightful and downright fun.   Providing a workshop like this is not an easy task considering the current economic conditions with which our students are faced.  David grabbed their attention, stimulated their thinking and challenged our young professionals with a call to action…hands down the best guest speaker we have had in years."

Manager of Career Services, University of Connecticut School of Business



"Dave O'Brien was our featured speaker at our joint meeting for the Staffing Management Association of Southern New England and the Human Resource Association of Central Connecticut, both SHRM groups. Dave was amazing. He truly is a subject matter expert on identifying leaders and gave us great insight into recruiting and identifying those for development. Like taking the blindfold off, we gained the trained eye we need in HR to bring the best forward. Dave was incredibly entertaining, informative and giving. The audience truly enjoyed his presentation. I highly recommend Dave O'Brien as a high impact speaker and leadership expert and I'm looking forward to his consulting work here at Higher One."

SMA Program Committee Chair and Talent Acquisition Manager, Higher One Corporation