Speaker Solutions 

At WorkChoice Solutions, LLC we understand what separates a great presentation from a good presentation. Beyond good planning and preparation, a great presentation takes skill, finesse, practice, refinement and a lot of confidence. All of our Speaker Solutions programs, whether delivered as a one-on-one coaching scenario or in a group training format, provide our clients with these keys to success and more. In addition to offering expert guidance and support for your next presentation, we offer a wide range of Keynote and Motivational Speaker options designed to enhance the value and long term impact of your next special event.



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Individual and Group Public Speaking Programs


We offer a wide variety of Public Speaking training programs that are designed to help you make the transition from "good presentation to great presentation." All programs include the Art Of Public Speaking workshop which serves as the foundation of each customized program.


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Deliberate Leadership in a Distracted World

Motivational and Keynote Speeches


Regardless of the topic, the central theme and goal of all of our keynote or motivational presentations is “impact”. We achieve this goal by blending just the right balance of humor, theory and real life application for each audience. Unlike many speakers, we invest the time and resources to truly understand your needs and to create a high powered presentation that enhances the overall impact and value of your event. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can add value to your efforts. The following is a sampling of our 45 to 60 minute presentations.

  • Discovering Your Role in Creating a Fantastic Workplace
  • Creating a Culture of Accountability
  • Deliberate Leadership in a Distracted World
  • Choose Your Attitude  
  • EQ, The Hidden Advantage
  • Leading From The Inside Out
  • Appreciating Generational Differences
  • The Upside Of Stress
  • Surfing The Winds Of Change
  • The Magic Of Conflict
  • Discovering The Power Of You
  • Managing Your Career In Turbulent Times